Parody "Go Home TARDIS, You're Drunk" Vinyl Decal

Parody "Go Home TARDIS, You're Drunk" Vinyl Decal

Product Code: Parody "Go Home TARDIS, You're Drunk" Decal
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In honor of the "Go Home TARDIS You're Drunk" meme, this vinyl decal shows a tipsy TARDIS*, with appropriate lettering. This decal is available in your choice of black or white (and usually blue...check for availability). You may also choose forward facing for surfaces, or reverse to apply inside of a vehicle window.  If you do not specify otherwise, you'll receive a forward facing black decal.  Please include a note with your order or send me a message to let me know if you'd like a different color or a reverse decal.

This decal is perfect for computers, walls, car windows, and virtually any other smooth surface.  While it works best on smooth surfaces, as you can see from the photo, it worked just fine on my textured refrigerator as well.

Decal is high quality vinyl and measures approximately 3" X 5.25". Decal is the TARDIS and lettering only (no background, so whatever surface you apply it to will show through the spaces).

THIS ITEM SHIPS FREE WITHIN THE UNITED STATES VIA USPS FIRST CLASS MAIL to your billing address. If you would like it shipped to an alternate address, use the Decal Alternate Shipping field when adding it to your cart.  Decal ships to all other countries for an additional $2.50.


*NOTICE: This item is intended as parody. It is strictly an artistic interpretation of an existing "Go Home TARDIS You Are Drunk" internet meme, parodying the TARDIS as being drunk. As such, it is not licensed by any entity. No connection to any other entity is herein stated or implied. "TARDIS" is a trademark of the BBC.

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