Mini Fez and Bow Tie Stained Glass Sun Catcher

Mini Fez and Bow Tie Stained Glass Sun Catcher

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This two piece stained glass sun catcher will show the world just how cool you really are.  It also makes an awesome gift, or Christmas tree ornament! The mini fez & bow tie are connected by black cord, and the translucent red glass is leaded in a silver tone. Fez measures approximately 3 inches wide at the bottom by 2.5 inches tall; bow tie measures about 2.5 inches wides by about 1.25 inches tall. (PLEASE NOTE: This is the mini version. Please check my other listings for a larger version.)

Each one is hand made from art glass, and each piece is unique. Yours will vary from the one shown due to natural variances in the glass.

I try to keep at least one of these pieces on hand, ready for shipping, but in please allow 1-2 weeks for your piece to be custom made just in case someone else gets an order in ahead of yours. Whenever possible, I will get your piece out within a couple of business days, and if you need me to meet a deadline for a gift, I'm always happy do to whatever I can to oblige, just let me know what date you need me to meet.


*NOTICE: This is an individually hand made piece of art, and is strictly an artistic interpretation of a fez and a bow tie. This item is not licensed by an entity. No connection to any other entity is herein stated or implied.

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