Sun Catchers

Stained glass sun catchers inspired by science fiction and fantasy.

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Dragon Hanging Stained Glass Sun Catcher
PLEASE NOTE:  Due to people in China stealing my photos and pretending to sell my dragons, they..
IDIC Sun Catcher
This sun catcher is for the highly logical beings among us.  The honey golden toned glass of th..
Parody "Go Home TARDIS, You're Drunk" Sun Catcher
In honor of the "Go Home TARDIS You Are Drunk" meme, you can now have your very own adjustable drunk..
3D Glasses and Red Sneaker/Trainer Stained Glass Sun Catcher
Are you ready to run? Let the world know with this 3D glasses and red trainer/sneaker stained gla..
"Deathly" Stained Glass Sun Catcher
The wand, the stone and the cloak.  This sun catcher measures approximately 6.75" along each si..
Mini Fez and Bow Tie Stained Glass Sun Catcher
This two piece stained glass sun catcher will show the world just how cool you really are.  It ..
Hat and Celery Stained Glass Sun Catcher
Not everyone can pull off that stylish decorative vegetable look.  For those who love someone w..
Scarf Stained Glass Sun Catcher
Brighten your window with this lovely striped scarf sun catcher! It measures roughly 8 inches tall a..
Knit Cap Stained Glass Sun Catcher
Ah, those striped, hand made knit caps with ear flaps, remember those?  They could keep you war..
Gate Sun Catcher
Let this stained glass sun catcher be your imagination's gate to the stars!  It measures approx..
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