Legal Notices

All items on this website are artistic interpretations.  Unless otherwise stated, no items are licensed or endorsed by any other entity, nor is any affiliation with any other entity hereby stated or implied.  All artwork and photographs of artwork on this site are ©2013 Dawn M. Rosner.

NOTICE REGARDING VEHICLE RELATED TRADEMARKS:  All vehicle related trademarks are the property of their registered owners, and each Glassic Car is an artistic interpretation of someone's actual vehicle.

NOTICE REGARDING DRUNK TARDIS PARODY ITEMS:  These items are intended as parody. Each is an individually hand made piece of art, and is strictly an artistic interpretation of an existing "Go Home TARDIS You Are Drunk" internet meme, parodying the TARDIS® as being drunk. As such, it is not licensed by any entity. No connection to any other entity is herein stated or implied. "TARDIS" is a trademark of the BBC.

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